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Live video monitoring for residential properties

Personalized monitoring solutions for residential communities, delivering comprehensive live video monitoring services to HOAs, residential community managers, and property managers.

Protect your community 24/7

Residents prioritize safety over everything when choosing a place to live. We help communities secure all aspects of their properties, while also providing proactive protection against property theft, vandalism and personal safety.

Live Video Monitoring

Pool Area Monitoring

Vehicle Gate Monitoring

Clubhouse Monitoring

Gym & Tot Lot Monitoring

License Plate Recognition

Video Review

Site Analysis

Our simple 4 step process

Securing your property is a time-sensitive requirement, and with decades of experience on our team, AVM makes the process as easy as it gets.


Free Consultation

AVM will review your existing plan, layout and technology to provide options for better securing your property.


Design Security Plan

This new plan will ensure proper coverage of your property with considerations for time of day and your existing resources.



Whether it's new camera installations or just taking over management of existing ones, implementation is quick and efficient.


Property Secured

With AVM now monitoring your property, you can expect daily and monthly incident reporting, and future enhancements, as needed.

Protect your community.

With AVM’s proactive video monitoring and audio deterrence, you are able to provide the security your residents require from a residential community. 

Stop crime before it happens

With live video monitoring and audio capabilities, AVM is able to prevent damage and thefts before they happen.

Cover more ground

We compliment on-site security teams by being in more places all at once. With AVM, your team can be even more effective.

Faster police intervention

AVM works with local police both in immediate response incidents and post-event follow up investigations.

Never let your guard down

24/7 security provides the safety your employees and tenants deserve.

Record everything

AVM provides recorded video of all covered cameras, key to solving ongoing issues.

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Dover Woods Senior Living

The Dover Woods Senior Living community was dealing with vehicle and mailbox thefts, illegal dumping and non-resident loitering that was making residents feel unsafe and considering leaving the community. With AVM’s live video monitoring implemented, criminal activity was prevented through proactice security actions.

Preventing petty thefts from vehicles

Happier and safer residents

Immediate reduction in loitering and mail theft

Reduction in need for resources to manage complaints