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Live video monitoring for automotive dealerships

Customized monitoring solutions for automotive dealerships, designed to meet the unique needs of each dealership and its specific property requirements.

Protect your dealership around the clock

Enhance your existing security plan with proactive video monitoring backed by live audio deterrence to prevent incidents before they happen.

Live Video Monitoring

License Plate Recognition

Thermal Imaging

Parameter Breach Detector

Video Review

Site Analysis

Our simple 4 step process

Securing your property is a time-sensitive requirement, and with decades of experience on our team, AVM makes the process as easy as it gets.


Free Consultation

AVM will review your existing plan, layout and technology to provide options for better securing your property.


Design Security Plan

This new plan will ensure proper coverage of your property with considerations for time of day and your existing resources.



Whether it's new camera installations or just taking over management of existing ones, implementation is quick and efficient.


Property Secured

With AVM now monitoring your property, you can expect daily and monthly incident reporting, and future enhancements, as needed.

Protect your dealership.

Live video monitoring is essential for automotive dealerships dealing with break-ins, thefts and recurring vandalism. AVM provides broad, live coverage of your entire property, with the ability to stop crime before it happens.

Stop crime before it happens

With live video monitoring and one-way audio capabilities, AVM is able to prevent damage and thefts before they happen.

Cover more ground

We compliment on-site security teams by being in more places all at once. With AVM, your team can be even more effective.

Faster police intervention

AVM works with local police both in immediate response incidents and post-event follow up investigations.

Never let your guard down

24/7 security provides the safety your employees and tenants deserve.

Record everything

AVM provides recorded video of all covered cameras, key to solving ongoing issues.

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